What Our Fans Say!

“We’ve eaten a lot of fruit cake over our sixty plus years and yours is the best fruit cake we have ever put over our lips. We hope you will be back at One of a Kind in Toronto next year.”

–Carol and Bob

“Every year I put a “Grandma’s Traditional Fruitcake” in my husband’s stocking, for Christmas. The only trouble is that I end up eating most of it. This cake is like a good book, very hard to put down.”

–Audrey Thompson

“Either you love fruitcake, or you hate it…..if you love it….Grandmas Traditional Fruitcake is the best ever! My husband faithfully buys 5 loaves for himself….and we have to promise to buy for both of our mother’s. Delicious!! mmmmmmm….good!!”

–Linda Stock

“My sister from Alberta, for years, has been telling me how great your fruitcakes are. This year she was upset because she was here in Ontario when you were in Calgary. Much to her delight, and now mine, you were at the ONE OF A KIND and she spotted you! I am now converted to your fruitcakes!!! Thank you!”


“I purchased your light fruitcake at the Toronto One of a Kind Craft Show and saved it for the Christmas Holiday. Oh my God it was so good I can’t wait till you come back this December I am going to be purchasing two light cakes. Regards”

–Teresa Alford

“During the One of a Kind show in Toronto, we purchased one of your Light (fruit) Cakes, size 500 grams. Well, it was put into the refrigerator as instructed… and promptly forgotten. When cleaning up the icebox, lo and behold, what should be found in the back? Your cake. We were afraid it might have got spoiled so long after its due date, but not at all, it was even more delicious than the sample we tasted at the show and worth any caloric sins. Best Regards”

–Dita Vadron

“Our nieces gave us your fruitcakes for Christmas and it tasted so good. That was the best fruitcake we have ever tasted in years. The reason I am saying this, is because another relative gave us their own homemade fruitcake but it pales in comparison to your fruitcake.”


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